Monochloroborane-methylsulfide complex

Monochloroborane-methylsulfide complex

CAS № 63348-81-2
EC № 629-389-0
Chemical formula: (CH3)2S:BH2Cl
Mol weight: 110.41
Synonym: Boron monochloride methyl sulfide complex, chloroborane dimethyl sulfide

Physical properties:

Colorless transparent readily flammable toxic liquid sensitive to atmospheric moisture.
Density: 1.059 kg/l.
Flash point: 24 °C.
Stable in an inert gas atmosphere at 0 ÷ +5 °C. 


Used as a reagent for hydroboration of alkenes, synthesis of dialkylchloroboranes and their derivatives.


Appearance colorless liquid
Purity 9.46 M