CAS № 74-94-2
EC № 200-823-7
Chemical formula: (CH3)2NH:BH3
Mol weight: 58.92
Synonym: Dimethylamine-borane, DMAB

 Physical properties:

White solid granules with strong amine odour.
Bulk density: 300-350 g/l.
Flash point: 65 °C.
Solubility in water: 120 g/l at 20 °C.


  1. Reduces aldehydes and ketones to alcohols.
  2. Reduces Schiff bases in acetic acid.
  3. Reduces quinines to hydroquinones.
  4. Preparation of xanthene, which is a useful pharmaceutical intermediate.
  5. In combination with titanium (IV) chloride, aromatic aldehydes and ketones are deoxygenated to the arylalkane.
  6. For production of thin films of Ni, Co, Mo, Cu, Ag, Au, Zn, and other metals in modern electronics.
  7. Nickel-boron plating in the production of high-temperature PCBs (printed circuit boards).
  8. Nickel-plated contacts in connectors as a substitute for gold coatings.
  9. Ceramic metallization for the production of solder terminals
  10. Deposition of amorphous nickel onto diskettes.
  11. Production of solderable ohmic contacts in semiconductor solar energy converters.
  12. For preparation lithium aminoborohydrides, which are air-stable and non-pyrophoric reducing agents.



Appearance White solid granules
Purity 98.0 % min
Melting point 34 oC min