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10 January '12
CLP Regulation
JSC «Aviabor» has conducted additional notification of 4 substances through the Only Representati ...
12 October '11
Potassium Dodecahydrododecaborate
Specialists of JSC “Aviabor” R&D Department finished development of K2B12H12  (Potassium ...
11 August '11
Leading automobile makers around the world are successfully promoting hybrid vehicles on today’s world m ...
28 June '11
JSC Aviabor strengthens its position on pharmaceutical market.
In 2011 there is a tendency of increase in demand for boron-based selective reducing agents between the leading ...
04 December '08
REACH: "Aviabor" has done the pre-registration
In compliance with REACH Regulation OAO "Aviabor", through its only representative, has pre-registered ...

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