Borane-pyridine, solution in pyridine

Borane-pyridine, solution in pyridine

CAS № 110-51-0
EC № 203-773-4
Chemical formula: C5H5N:BH3
Mol weight: 92.93
Synonym: Borane-pyridine complex, pyridine borane

Physical properties:

Colourless or yellow transparent liquid.
Density: 0,920-0,925 g/l. 


  1. Producing oligosaccharide conjugate vaccines.
  2. Used as a reducing agent in the reductive alkylation of amine-containing glycopeptide antibiotics with aldehydes or ketones.
  3. Reduces quinoline in acetic acid to tetrahydroquinoline, or, on heating to N-ethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-quinoline.
  4. In electronics to provide coatings.
  5. For reductive alkylation of amines.
  6. Reduces aldehydes to symmetrical ethers, aldehydes in presence of alcohols to unsymmetrical ethers, and aldehydes or ketones in the presence of thiols to unsymmetrical sulphides.
  7. As a polymerization catalyst.
  8. As hydroborating agent in organic synthesis.


Appearance Colourless or yellow transparent liquid
Purity 48-52 % (50 % sol)
80-82 % (8 M sol)