CAS № 2049-55-0
EC № 677-569-2
Chemical formula: (С6H5)3P:BH3
Mol weight: 276.13
Synonym: borane-triphenylphosphine-complex, triphenylphosphineborane

Physical properties:

White crystals.
Melting point: 189-191 °C.
Soluble in tetrahydrofuran, toluene, insoluble in water.


  1. Applicable for C-P cross-coupling with aryl iodides.
  2. Applicable for the synthesis of N-heterocyclic carbenborane complexes through exchange with a Lewis base.
  3. Applicable for not catalyzed alcoholysis in case of deprotection from phosphane boranes.
  4. Applicable for deprotection with the help of amines reaction on polymer basis.
  5. Applicable for introducing overfilled silylene into hydroboranes.


Appearance White crystals
Purity 99.0 %min
Melting point 189-191 oC min