Diethylmethoxyborane, 50% solution in THF

Diethylmethoxyborane, 50% solution in THF

CAS № 7397-46-8
EC № 616-038-1
Chemical formula: (C2H5)2BOCH3
Mol weight: 99.97
Synonym: Methoxydiethylborane, Methyldiethylborinate, MDEB, DEMB

Physical properties:

Colourless or yellowish transparent pyrophoric liquid.
Flash point: –17 °C.
Density: 0.815 kg/l.


  1. In pharmaceutical synthesis of antibiotics for diastereoselective reduction of hydroxyketones to syn 1,3-diols
  2. In fine organic synthesis to get boronic acid ether from organolithium agents
  3. Reduce b,d-diketo esters to b,d-dihydroxy esters without reduction of a conjugated olefinic double bond
  4. As a reagent to prepare aryl diethylborane compounds for Suzuki coupling



Appearance Colourless or yellowish transparent liquid
Purity 50-52 %
Content of dimethoxyethylborane Not more than 0.5 %
Content of trimethoxyborane Not more than 0.5 %