Triethylborane, 1М solution in THF

Triethylborane, 1М solution in THF

CAS № 97-94-9
EC № 202-620-9
Chemical formula: B(C2H5)3
Mol weight: 98.00
Synonym: Triethylboron, 1 М solution in tetrahydrofuran

Physical properties:

Colourless or yellowish transparent liquid.
Oxidizes if exposed to air.
Flash point: –20 °C.
Density: 0.86-0.87 kg/l at 20 °C.


  1. Radical initiator for hydrostannylation of alkynes.
  2. Reacts with metal enolates to give the enoxytriethylborates, useful in selective alkylation and aldol reactions.
  3. Used with lithium tri-tert-butoxyaluminohydride in the reductive cleavage.
  4. Used in the deoxygenation of primary and secondary alcohols.
  5. A raw material for a wide variety of boron compounds.
  6. Protection OH-groups in organic compounds.
  7. Rapid gasometric determination of OH-groups in alcohols, phenols, diols, sugars and other compound.
  8. Water content determination in crystalline, hydrates of inorganic, complex and organic salts.
  9. Preparative dehydration of salt and sugar hydrates.



Appearance Colourless or yellowish transparent liquid.
Purity 0,95-1,05 М