CAS № 274-07-7
EC № 205-991-5
Chemical formula: C6H5BO2
Mol weight: 119.92
Synonym: 1,3,2-Benzodioxaborole

Physical properties:

Colorless transparent liquid, readily flammable, sensitive to moisture.
Boiling point: 50 °C/50 mm Hg.
Melting point: 12 °C
Density: 1.125 kg/l.
Flash point: 2 °C.
Can be stored at 0 to + 5 °C in an inert gas atmosphere.


  1. Hydroboration of alkynes with forming products of cis-addition to triple bond. Alkenylcatecholboronates are valuable reagents for Suzuki coupling reactions.
  2. Alkylcatecholboronates, formed in the process of hydroboration of alkenes, are used in catalyzed cross-coupling reactions.
  3. Reagent for selective reduction.



Appearance Colorless liquid
Purity 98.0 % min