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11 August '11

Leading automobile makers around the world are successfully promoting hybrid vehicles on today’s world markets. The Automotive Industry is creating a world of environmentally friendly and reliable plug-in electric vehicles. Nations are investing heavily in the cutting edge technology to create a highly efficient rechargeable battery for tomorrow's energy needs.

The scientists of Aviabor Research & Development department have been developing the process of an intermediate for rechargeable battery technology. Polyborates technology provides a dependable energy source for the next generation of rechargeable batteries. Polyborate based rechargeable batteries can be quickly re-charged and discharged to provide the same reliable energy needs as old carbon-based fuels.

Aviabor is currently negotiating with an American company in obtaining its own patented pending formula for a new electrolyte fluid, which will have a production based on Russian Polyborate.

Establishing a joint-venture in the production and distribution of polyborates based hi-efficiency rechargeable batteries for the next generation of energy efficient vehicles makes Aviabor a world leader in solving tomorrow’s energy needs. The parties are willing to cooperate and considering to establish a joint-venture in the production site of Aviabor in Russia.