Boron trichloride

Boron trichloride

CAS № 10294-34-5
EC № 233-658-4
Chemical formula: BCl3
Mol weight: 117.17

Physical properties:

Colorless gas, sensitive to moisture.
Boiling point: 12 °C.
Melting point: –107 °C.


  1. Used in the synthesis of boron hydrides.
  2. Used in the production of boron nitrides and other boron compounds.
  3. Used as a basic raw material for production of extra-pure elemental boron with a purity of min. 99.5 %.
  4. Used for production of boron fibres with a high tensile strength.
  5. Used as a catalyst in cation polymerization.
  6. Used for remove nitrides, carbides, oxides from aluminium, magnesium, zinc and copper melts.
  7. Used for produce lower boron chlorides (diboron tetrachloride, tetraboron tetrachloride, boron oxychloride).
  8. Used as a raw material in electronics and microelectronics for plasma-chemical etching of aluminium-based layers in silicon integrated circuits production.



Appearance Colourless liquid
Technical Grade purity 99.0 % min
Pure Grade purity 99.9 % min
High Purity Grade purity 99.995 % min