Boron trichloride, 1.0 M solution in toluene

Boron trichloride, 1.0 M solution in toluene

CAS № 10294-34-5
EC № 233-658-4
Chemical formula: BCl3
Mol weight: 117.17
Synonym: Boron trichloride solution in toluene (1 M)

Physical properties:

Colourless transparent liquid, sensitive to moisture.
Boiling point: 12 °С for boron trichloride
Boiling point: 110 °С for toluene
Density: 0.909 g/cm³
Flash Point: -18 °C


  1. Takes part in the reaction of producing ynones by interacting of acyl chlorides with alkynyl trifluoroborate salts.
  2. For preparing methyl esters of fatty acids and for transesterification of triglycerides.
  3. Removal of protecting groups from ethers at the presence of tetrabutylammonium iodide. Alkyl, aryle and acetyl groups are removed.



Appearance Colourless transparent liquid
Purity 0.95-1.1 M