(–)-Diisopinocampheylchloroborane, solution in hexane (heptane)

(–)-Diisopinocampheylchloroborane, solution in hexane (heptane)

CAS № 85116-37-6
EC № 934-052-9
Chemical formula: C20H34BCl
Mol weight: 320.75
Synonym: (–)-B-Chlorodiisopinocampheylborane, (–)-DIP-chloride

Physical properties:

Colourless or yellowish transparent liquid.
Density: 0.88-0.92 kg/l (depends on concentration of diisopinocampheylchloroborane).


  1. Efficient reduction of aromatic ketones to chiral secondary alcohols.
  2. Enantioselective reduction of diketones, a- и b-ketoacids, a- и b-hydroxyketones and ortho-substituted benzophenones.
  3. Preparation of b-amino alcohols.



Appearance colourless or yellowish transparent liquid
(–)-Diisopinocampheylchloroborane 50-65 wt%
Hexane (heptane) 20-35 wt%
α-Pinene ~15 wt%