Sodium trimethoxyborohydride

Sodium trimethoxyborohydride

CAS № 16940-17-3
EC № 241-003-9
Chemical formula: NaBH(ОCH3)3
Mol weight: 127.91

Physical properties:

White powder.
Specific gravity: 300-400 g/l.
Melting point: 230 °C (decomposition).


  1. Reduction of aldehydes, ketones and esters to alcohols.
  2. Reduction of chloroanhydrides of acids to aldehydes and alcohols.
  3. Reduction of conjugated nitroolefines to nitroalkanes.
  4. Reduction of SnO22-, AsO22- and SbO22- to free metals.



Appearance White powder
Purity 90.0 % min