Tris-(2-ethylhexyl) borate

Tris-(2-ethylhexyl) borate

CAS № 2467-13-2
EC № 219-581-9
Chemical formula: C24H51BO3
Mol weight: 398.47
Synonym: Tris-(2-ethylhexyl)orthoborate; Boric acid tris-(2-ethylhexyl)ester

Physical properties:

Colorless flammable liquid, sensitive to moisture.
Boiling point: 210 °C (10 mm Hg)
Density: 0.86 kg/l.


  1. Reagent for producing boric acids and their esters (precursors for Suzuki cross-coupling reactions).
  2. For obtaining of antioxidants, fireproofing additives, corrosion inhibitors.
  3. As a dehydrating agent in various processes.
  4. For obtaining of stabilizers for rubbers and plastics.
  5. For obtaining of adhesion promoters.
  6. As crosslinking agents in various resins.



Appearance Colourless liquid
Purity 98.0 % min