Tributyl borate

Tributyl borate

CAS № 688-74-4
EC № 211-706-5
Chemical formula: [CH3(CH2)3O]3B
Mol weight: 230.16
Synonym: Boric acid tributylester, Tributoxyborane, TBB

Physical properties:

Colorless transparent liquid, sensitive to moisture.
Melting point: –70 °С.
Boiling point: 230-235 °С.
Density: 0.853 kg/l.
Flash point: 93 °С.


  1. Used as reagent for preparation of boronic acids and their ethers by transmetallation reaction.
  2. Used for preparation of antioxidizers.
  3. Used as dehydrating agent in different processes.
  4. Used for preparation stabilizers of rubbers and plastics.
  5. Used for preparation of adhesion promoters.
  6. Used for preparation of cross-linking agents for different rubbers.


Appearance colourless liquid
Purity 99.0 % min