Triisopropyl borate

Triisopropyl borate

CAS № 5419-55-6
EC № 226-529-9
Chemical formula: ((CH3)2CHO)3B
Mol weight: 188.07
Synonym: Boric acid triisopropyl ester, Boron isopropoxide, Triisopropoxyborane

Physical properties:

Colorless transparent liquid, readily flammable, sensitive to moisture.
Boiling point: 139-141 °С.
Density: 0.815 kg/l.
Flash point: 10 °С.


  1. Used for synthesis of organic, organoboronic compounds and dyes.
  2. Used for preparation of antioxidant.
  3. Used for preparation of catalyst for oxidation of parafines to alcohols (aromatic compounds to phenols).
  4. Used for preparation of fungicide.
  5. Used for preparation of anticeptic agent.
  6. Used for preparation of additive improving some qualities of motor fuels, lubricant oils, polymers.



Appearance Colorless liquid
Purity 99.0 % min